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Using our kit:
Improve your marksmanship scores. Get the shooting lens that's right for you. Reduce the energy needed to get a clear sight picture. And, keep it longer...every time.

Rent the kit for two weeks at a time. Take the kit to your shooting range. Here you modify your eyeglass correction and find the lenses and tints that suit your distance and lighting condition-overcast, sunny, and indoor. The kit has 16 lenses, each a different power, a tint board, lens holder, and comprehensive easy to follow instructions.

Custom Sight Picture works for all rifle, pistol and archery disciplines at all distances.
Set up the farthest yard line from your target. High Power 500-600 yards, and Long Range/Palma 800-1000 yards. Clip the lens holder over your sighting eye onto your protective shooting glasses.

Feel free to use any combination of lenses to get your perfect sight picture. Remember, you are aiming for a good balance between clarity of the front sight and target. Once you determine which lens(es) give you the best sight picture, it is time to use the tint board.

Now...Looking at your target through the tint board.
Put the tint board close to your eye, at the end of your nose. If you wear a hat, put the board at the edge of the brim. Remember, choosing a tint increases contrast by defining the edge between the white background and the aiming black. Keep it as light as possible so your pupil constricts to its maximum, giving the most depth of field.

Marking the optical center of your lens.
When in your shooting position, look through the optical center of your lens. This is where the prescription is exact and distortion free. We move the optical center in front of your sighting eye for your shooting position as shown in the left picture. When marking your optical center for a rifle, sit your rifle on a 2x4 board as shown in the right picture.

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