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Through modern technology we are able to offer contact lenses
at the same price or lower than the large chains.
You will be ordering directly from our manufacturer authorized distributor.
For Example: Acuvue/2 Focus Monthly Freshlook Handling Tint
Our Price 18.95 37.95 19.95
Lens Express 18.95 38.01 20.51
1800Contact 19.95 37.95 19.95
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NOTICE TO PATIENTS: Contact lenses are classified by the FDA as a medical device that can only be dispensed by prescription. They must be regarded with the same caution you would use for prescription drugs, which includes prescription expiration dates and follow-up visits with your doctor. Your eyes go through gradual changes in size, shape, and physiological requirements (such as oxygen), and this can change the fit and affect corneal health. Follow your Doctor’s recommendations and we all will benefit.

DO NOT ORDER PAST YOUR CONTACT LENS EXPIRATION DATE. I want you to enjoy the shooting sports as long as possible do not abuse your eyes you only have two of them and Sight Picture is the most important fundamental in shooting.

Alan G. Toler

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