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Keep your eye sight healthy

Getting new shooting spectacles does not replace visiting your optometrist for routine eye health care exams. Update your shooting spectacles every 18 months. Or, when your regular prescription is changed.

Your prescription for a perfect sight picture
In today's competition, getting one up on other shooters is critical. Custom Sight Picture does just that. It gives you the sight picture advantage.

How important is your sight picture?

With it, you shoot consistently. With it, you will hit your mark. A shooting prescription is more than eye protection. And, it's as key to a shooter as a great weapon and excellent trigger control.

"All of the fundmentals make up the integrated act of firing the shot, but the two big players are sight alignment, "sight picture", and trigger control, in that order" says Larry Quandahl, National Instructor Trainer, Shooting Sports USA, article part five of a six-part series that reexamines the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Why? Because the proper prescription keeps your focusing eye muscle from working too hard. At the same time, it allows you to hold your perfect sight picture longer.

Results? Perfect shooting every time.

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