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Front Focus:
This lens is to be used over your best distance prescription, which should meet saftey standards, never by itself.

Guidelines for lens choice:
Minimum target size for each distance
Target: 6 inch 8 inch 13 inch 19 in.-72 inch 72 in.
  Pistol Pistol Rifle Rifle Rifle
In yds> 0-50yds 51-100yds <200yds 300-600yds >600yds
<35 red red clear red red
36-45 clear red clear clear red
46-55 green clear green clear red
55+ green clear green clear clear
Order Front Focus Below:
Red Front Focus Lens

Clear Front Focus Lens

Green Front Focus Lens

To Fit Lens:
1) Pull bands to concave side of lens.
2) Put arms of frame through bands.
For metals frames slide band over nosepiece on opposite side.
3) Pull nasal band tight to secure.

To Remove:
Loosen nasal band and remove carefully

If shot group opens up: Are you really concentrating on the front sight? Or it may be time to try another lens.

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